Seven is Trademark and Copyright 2007 Denise V. Wohl. All rights reserved.
The story represented is fictional. No similarity between any of the names,
characters, persons and/or institutions depicted with any person, living or dead,
or any institutions is inteneded, and any similarity that may exist is purely coincidental.


They are not Mutants or Aliens but SEVEN gifted young people, like DaVinci, Pythagoras, Plato, Mozart, and Einstein. Each of them, born on one of the Seven continents represent a color, a musical note, and a hidden strength beyond anything humanity has ever accepted. Within them lie all the wonders of the world. Each character has been drawn to NYC for one reason or another. It is when they are all together for the first time that their amazing attributes flow into an incredible stream of mind bending energy and their true purpose is revealed. They ARE the Greatest Superhero Team for all Time…there can never be another Team like them for they were strategically placed on Earth by the Highest Power of them all. Meet the SEVEN Superheroes …

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• Created by Denise V. Wohl.
• Developed and written by JIM SHOOTER.
• An Illustrated Media Group, Inc. production.

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